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HTML5 Rocks

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Nuts & Bolts

HTML5 is now an umbrella term that many people use to describe the amazing improvements coming to the web platform. It's a platform that is becoming more powerful by the day. Most people have heard of the rich APIs (css3, audio/video, WebGL, offline, geolocation,...), but there's also a slew of lesser-known features that you should be aware of. We call these the "nuts & bolts" of building modern web applications.

What’s New

A platform that works for you, not against you

Isn't it painful to build web apps? Luckily, smart folks are improving the underlying (core) platform to make our lives easier. These improvements include additions to ECMAScript (the JavaScript language), ways to interact with the DOM, and even old friends like XMLHttpRequest and <input type="file">. Here are just a few:

These additions make apps easier to build, offload more work to the browser, and reduce your footprint (e.g. by removing the need for libraries that handle the same functionality).

With smarter APIs, we can build smarter apps

The platform includes APIs that give you greater insight into what is happening in your application. These APIs allow you to make smarter choices in your app, save battery/CPU, and create a better user experience.


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